Some fun I’ve had editing pictures.

I used to do more of this in the past, and its something I’m slowly getting back into after deciding Aion was just too much.

Its an amazing game, filled with even more amazing people.  My time spent playing it has been fun.  Unfortunately I’m looking for things in my life that can’t be found there.  And although its always been an escape for me, I’ve seen some people using it to escape in such a way that it destroys their life outside of it.  They lose touch with themselves and who they are, what they are capable of.

Every person in Aion is amazing and capable of great things.  I won’t say I’m quitting, but I intend to spend a significant amount of less time playing it. 

Granted posting this here matters little, but hey!  Shiny Pictures~

(Last pictures just a tribute to where it all began.)

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